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Public Health

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About This Course

In this digital course, you are going to learn about the purpose of public health, the main functions of public health, national and international levels of public health, key-terms of public health and some basic epidemiology. What is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic? What means of disease prevention exists? How do we estimate the mortality rate of a viral outbreak?

This course also covers the topics "Norwegian health system" and "Health legislation" (in Norway). These two topics are predominantly covered in Norwegian.


This course has no prerequisites.


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Hilde Sylliaas

Assistant Professor at Institute of Physiotherapy, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University. Hilde's main field of reserch involves rehabilitation, individual and societal perspectives and scervises.


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David Jahanlu

Assistant Professor, dept. of Bioengineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan Univeristy. David's main field of research involves quantitative methods in medical studies, and applied statistics. David has made most of the animated videos in this course.

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Sara Vikestad

Teaching consultant and e-learning specialist Sara Vikestad has contributed to several publications in Bokskapet, including Anatomy and Physiology, and Pathology. After finishing her teacher education and teaching for a year, Sara has returend to OsloMet currently studying to become a paramedic.

Media Editor

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Gabi Hurlen

Video and content producer, open access advocate and self-proclaimed netizen. Gabi is Bokskapet's sole surviving 100%-er, she has a masters degree in media studies and thinks teachers with thousands of views on YouTube and should get some sort of reward and recognition from their employer.


Lisbeth Normann

Mikkel Magnus Thørrisen

Emma Vestli


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