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MANDATORY - Infection Control for students


How to enter the course?

Use a PC or MAC to complete the course. Remember to register as a user by registering with FEIDE. Remember to do this BEFORE you sign up for the course (ENROLL). If you receive an error message, press EXPLORE COURSE, find the infection control course and sign up.

About the course

Welcome to this course in infection control for students. This course is mandatory for everyone who is going to study at OsloMet, and you as a student must have completed the course before you show up on campus.

This course will give you knowledge on how to reduce the risk of infection spreading by using simple measures. This will make you safer when you start your studies on campus in the autumn of 2020. This way we can also avoid students and employees becoming ill and infecting others.

In the course you can learn about how bacteria and viruses are transmitted, good hand hygiene, other infection prevention measures and cleaning.


The course requires no prior knowledge.


Course Staff Image #1

Borhild Løyland

Borghild is an associate professor at the Department of Nursing and Health Promotion.

Course Staff Image #2

Ida Hellum Sandbekken

Ida is a assistent professor at the Department of Nursing and Health Promotion.


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