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PISA-1.1 (en)


PISA-X is aimed at teachers and other professionals who are ready to develop online courses for their students as MOOCs or in the blended mode.

But it is not about streamlining the students' workflow. Online materials are rather the pre-condition for such exercises. We are creating a new type of digital textbooks, not learning machines.

Please watch the introduction video and read more below...

Course edtiors

Helge Høivik

Helge Høivik

Producer and editor. Helge was professor of Digital Documentalism and E-Learning at Oslo Metropoltian University in Norway where he is now employed as a part-time consultant. He is also a Visiting Professor at Capital Normal University, China and the Director of the MOOCAHUSET ZhenTech Ltd. He revised the PISA-X course in 2020 to reflect current developments.

Tord Høivik

Tord worked as senior consultant in digital course development at Oslo Metropolitan University and developed the English version of the PISA course material i 2017. He is a former associate professor in library and information science.

Gabi Høium Hurlen

Gabi was co-producer of the first PISA-X course in 2017. She works as consultant and producer in e-learning and video production at Oslo Metropolitan University. She graduated in media studies from Oslo University